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The blockchain engineering team at Swish is looking for talented distributed systems engineers to optimize protocol transaction throughput and network reliability for blockchains in development. Our mission is to bring the promise of a decentralized blockchain-based future to reality for clients. As a systems engineer, you will work crypto go fund me our blockchain developers, protocol researchers and clients to implement and improve on a byzantine fault tolerant blockchain architecture based on the Tendermint consensus layer, by increasing the throughput, reliability and stability of the network.

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This role is ideal for engineers who have experience optimizing performance and robustness of distributed systems, and are excited to be working on the cutting edge of high-performance blockchain protocol development.

Or you might be a blockchain engineer who is very familiar with distributed consensus protocols like delegated proof-of-stake, and newer to working on low-level performance optimizations. Experience with Tendermint is a huge plus.

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Either way, you are a great detective and passionate about pushing the performance of your infrastructure to its limits, without compromising on safety or stability.

We are also looking for: Strong communication skills.

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Experience with performance and load testing. You should be motivated by a desire to solve the crypto go fund me important problems, obtain unprecedented results, and push your methods to their maximal performance.

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We create products for successful business using cutting-edge technologies: Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Apps Dev. Working with Swish puts you in contact with prestigious brands, wherever your base is.

Work is organized in sprints - 2 weeks periods to which, as a member of our talent community, you choose to commit. You always have the choice to accept or decline a sprint, or take-on multiple sprints simultaneously.

Kompromisas įterptosiose sistemose let members choose what suits them best depending on their current situation: family, travel, studies, finance. We know life is not linear and we respect the humans behind the screens.

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Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other is core to our values. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives.

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We are an equal opportunity employer and a fun place to work. Join the future of work today.

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